Isn’t Samantha the Heart Throb of many and when she styles herself in sarees, the fondness increases. She looks dearly gracious in the beautiful drapes. And lately, we have been observing Samantha wearing all high neck blouses with her sarees which looks hands-down Classy!!!
We believe she is following the quote “Classy is when a woman has everything to flaunt but chooses not to show it!


16357684_1361166100570496_1141819137_oWhen it comes to Shilpa Reddy, nothing can go wrong. She gives this pretty woman an elegant cream and gold saree and high-neck gold dotted cream blouse to go with it. Divine is what it is!



Alt akhil engagementOne of the best designers of India – Sabyasaachi, adds glamour with his floral printed saree paired with a stunning studded high neck blouse. We were stunned by this overall look! Kept staring at her pics for a long long time ;p



16395909_1361166233903816_1005066648_nSantosh Parekh is a vivid designer and his designs are absolutely to die for. This gorgeous zari weaved Indigo saree proves it. Styled by Neeraja Kona, an authentic story is told in this particular attire when paired with a bright red high neck blouse. Inspired are we, for any weddings coming up!



14088464_1229755443723114_6476433577451270932_nAnavila Misra’s designs speak for themselves, an epitome of minimalism! This look, also styled by Neeraja Kona, shades of cream and gold are the highway to heaven! A beautiful plain saree, with an elegant high neck blouse and stunning earrings, that’s all you need!



Alt sarees for workThe geometric checkered saree designed by an abstract designer Medhavini, paired with a trendy gold dotted navy blue high neck blouse is eye catchy! Because not only does the saree have the best color combination – red white and blue, also the entire look is tastefully styled by Neeraja with accessories from Suhani Pittie. This whole thing gives the Fusion vibes!



Alt sarees for workBoyyy do we love plain sarees with printed blouses. Just look at this one!!! Designed by Poco and Jacky, this is an absolute stunner! The color of the saree, and the camouflage printed high neck blouse, looks beyond PERFECT!!! Styled by Neeraja, on this pretty woman, looks delightful!



14141595_1227140747317917_640355267783562953_nSarees aren’t just meant to be traditional. You could go Urbane too… see this look! A plain saree with a pleasant border combined with striped high neck blouse gives it the Edge. It’s a total go-getter! Neeraja certainly knows how to harmonize the evergreen attire in different styles.



16358115_1361166050570501_1357054517_oAren’t we are already fuming with jealousy, and look at this woman… She goes all floral. This fascinating saree designed by Rahul and Shikha is what every girl wishes for. Combined with yet another lovely high necked blouse, Neeraja makes the look perfect with the sweet little hairstyle.

Don’t we want it all??!! It’s crazy how covering a lot of skin can still look sexy and sophisticated. So we suggest you take references from these charming looks, go to your tailors and DEMAND them to stitch high neck blouses for yourselves and just ROCK them 😀

You love any one of these in particular? Or all of these? Do let us know in the comments box below 🙂

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