Hyderabad is certainly increasing its count of breweries and we couldn’t be happier about it. Some budget breweries and some offering the exotic ones, all in all, Beer is here to stay! You know what they say, Beer is a proof that God loves us and wants us to be Happy! 😀 So we curated the best breweries list in town that you should checkout to taste all that goodness 🙂

All of these places offer the classics – Stout, Lager, Ale, Wheat, Cider, Blonde. No more waiting, let’s turn those taps and bottoms up!!!

Beauty is in the eye of the Beer Holder ~ Kinky Freidman

1. Over The Moon (OTM):

The best one yet in Hyderabad, they have opened another branch in Gachibowli as well, it looks fantastic. OTM is a place to be with your friends on a weekend and you would have the best time ever!


2. Prost Brew Pub:

We love the ambiance of this place. It is grungy, it is happening. Their brews are very intense. All strong, all knocking! One of our top 5 places. Rates are pretty reasonable too. Apart from the classics, they offer Special brew that is Seasonal, you might wanna try the sample and decide 😀


3. Zero40 Brewing:

It embraces the telephone code of our dearest Hyderabad (040). Aren’t we loving the name already 😀 They have some interesting flavors of brews which are sure to get you going places. We love the ambiance here too. The names of their brews are pretty interesting 😀 The Ex, Go Swami, Shavasan, Beer flight (the foreplay – are the samplers)

4. Vapour – Brew Pub:

This place invited us for a food tasting and boy did we have a great time. They have the classic beers, and some very nice mocktails and cocktails. Be sure to check this place out, and our full review HERE

Alt vapour hyderabad


5. Hylife Brewing Company:

You like it loud? You like it crowded? You know where I’m going with this 😀 This place is for you. Just go already. Do not forget to order their pizzas, they complement their brews the best!


6. MOB:

This place, I believe has to offer the widest range of breweries. The only thing being that it is on the pricier side, but it is worth it. It is more of a quieter place, unlike the dhoom dhaam ones. A place to sit talk and chill with your Best buddy – BEER!


7. Repete Brewery & Kitchen:

New kid in town. It is a classic Bar and Kitchen, offering the best of brews. Very reasonable. One of your regular weekend hangout places.


8. The Hoppery:

Their Mixed Tales offer a combination of Infused Vodka and a Brew. Wouldn’t you need ‘The Cure’ from the ‘Hop, Skip and Jump’. Haha, those are the names, of their mixed tales, and that is how they will make you feel once gulped.


9. Hope floats:

A microbrewery, maintaining a low profile. They offer the classic brews and a very reasonable place. I believe these are the kinds of places we hit on the month ends 😉

Beer makes you feel the way you ought to feel without beer ~ Henry Lawson

If you haven’t covered all the places listed here, what are you waiting for? It’s a Saturday and weave your plans around these places for the night 🙂 and if you have already been to all these places, do tell us your favorite hang out place in the comments section below or also on Facebook or Instagram 🙂
Don’t stay thirsty no more… go on and Glug Glug Glug 😀

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