Moving from Nellore to Tirupathi in Andhra Pradesh, we reach Venkatagiri town about 50 Km from it. Venkatagiri Saree is a saree style woven in the very place – Venkatagiri. The weave style is very fine and they use products such as cotton in hank form, silver and gold zaris and Naphthol and Vat dyes to make their desirable textiles.

We are super fans of Handloom and Handmade and we came to realise that Unnati Silks share the same feeling 🙂

Unnati Silks is a saga of ‘HANDLOOMS FOR WOMEN’ that began in 1980. Customer – Centric that it is, Unnati Silks anticipates, innovates and provides with a strong belief that each and every customer is special and requires that something, which is unique, refreshing, fashionable and of quality. Having a product range that is as varied as it is vast, handwoven and handcrafted, the devotion and dedication of talented ethnic artisans from across 21 states of India comes through in the products on display.

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Have a look at two of their amazing products, one, An elegant Off-white saree, and the other, a vibrant yellow saree – both of them naturally dyed and block painted.

Sowmya’s look: Styled Elegant – The saree with a denim shirt adds contrast to the light hues in the saree and the belt brings the youthfulness. The Simple Gold Kolhapuri sandals adds to the whole elegant element.

Archana’s look: Styled quirky – The saree in itself is vivacious in yellow. A dark blue denim vest is paired to contrast with its brightness. This vest/jacket is a DIY product that has been tortured and torn and later on, stitched using badass patches. The Shoes are a faded black canvas, that has been colored in gold and are a perfect match to this look.

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How do you like both of our styles, and we are sure you loved these sarees as well. If you’d like to purchase their products, here is where you can find all their fabulousness: