If you have read our About page, by now you must know I am a petite woman 😀 who finds it terribly difficult to find clothes of her size! For the love of fashion, some brands have evolved so much, that their kids clothing are subtle, refined and not the typical loud and glittery anymore. Ain’t it an advantage to us dainty chics 😀 We get many more options and yeaye at a lower price 😀 Yes, I admit it! I try Kids’ clothing and footwear. It’s super fun! What’s to be embarrassed about 😀 At the end of it, the attire must look good on you. Doesn’t matter if they come from plus size section or kids’ section. So here I present to you, my first guide to petite women out there!

I had a Jacket which I felt could work for both Business Casual look and a Weekend look. So here is how I styled it with both the outfits. Let us know if you like it, or suggest how it could be better 🙂

The key to looking taller is to have monochromes in our outfits and not cut the body in half with contrast colors. So I pair white denim with mild blue shirt; and nude pumps. To add a pop of color, I use the peach jacket. We need to make sure we aren’t drowning in the jacket so choose one that ends mid-waist and the one with sleeves ending right at the wrist. So suit up and look powerful and kick some ass ladies 😀






White Denim: Mango
Blue shirt: Tommy Hilfiger (Kids’ section – Boys)
Jacket: Code (Lifestyle)
Belt: Scarleti (Myntra)
Watch: Tommy Hilfiger
Bracelet: Bellezza
Footwear: Kielz (Myntra)
Earrings: Accessorize

Weekends can be hectic with all the roaming and window shopping and what not! Dresses can be the best option to roam around in – Easy Breeezy! And when it comes to dresses, knee length ones are our best friends. Stick to them. Again, we use the same fun color jacket on a funky printed dress and pair them with them comfortable Espadrilles. So dress up for the weekend,  look your cute self and click those adorable pics and show them to us 😀






123 (1)


Dress: Only
Jacket: Code (Lifestyle)
Footwear: Soludos (Myntra)
Bag: Victoria’s Secret
Sunglasses: Rayban

Belt, Hairband: Lifestyle
Watch: Fossil
Earrings: Accessorize
Styled by: Naveen Alokam
PC for Business Casual look:
Kalyan C Aurobindo Ghosh
PC for Weekend look: Joshua Fernandez

Do you petite ladies have any styling tips to share? Please tell me as I would love to hear from you and implement them as well 🙂 Also share your feedback, suggestions with us by commenting below or on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter 🙂 Would be more than happy to hear from you all !! See you soon :*