George Street, Pitt Street, Market Street, Park Street – I think you go the idea. Shopaholics, when in Sydney, you MUST visit these streets.
But…. they are open only from 9am to 6pm 😐 because 90% of the stores in Sydney close by 6pm. Crazy right! I was shocked when I heard it first, but then I saw the routine of localities and found that this was how it has been and it adds a certain discipline to the everyday life. The place knows its priorities and everything has been set accordingly.

So, my cousins and I decide to visit the Museum of Contemporary Arts and I wanted to dress similar – Contemporary and Minimalist!

I had purchased these simple checkered shorts at a store in Sydney, and decided to go with the Blue and Checkered theme. The Crazy Modern top designed by Saimah Shaikh was perfect for these shorts and my Denim Jacket. The Theme Lives! As I mentioned, my Silver Clarks Shoes saw as much Sydney as I have, and I felt no other footwear could do as much justice to this outfit as these.

Now, no styling is complete without a tiny twist 😛 Yes, the knots in my hair! I was Happy the idea popped in my head and I parted, twisted and tied 2 knots 😀

So here’s how it looks put together – on the Streets of Sydney! <3

P.C: Keerti Prasanna

Outfit Details:
Shorts: K Mart
Top: Saimah Shaikh
Jacket: Chemistry
Shoes: Clarks
Bag: Victoria’s Secret
Sunglasses: Rayban
Watch: Guess

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