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    Play of Accessories: Casual Day Look

    They say, “Accessories make everything look better”. For me, it could be the solo reason to transform an outfit completely. To glam up a basic outfit or to tone down a party wear, its all in the accessories you choose. I know most of you agree with it 🙂  I wanted to do a lookbook …

  • Alt styling mom saree

    Cool As A Cucumber

    Do you remember the last summer I grabbed a saree from my mother’s closet? It’s fine if you don’t 🙂 Here is the link to it- “Beat the heat in classy cottons!“ It’s mid summer and the super bright days are upon us. We have been sweating it out. But I still love wearing sarees …

  • Alt the classy miss

    Old World Charm ft. The Classy Miss

    Am not a pro at carrying a saree and no-where near being one! But the moment I saw this saree by The Classy Miss, there were two things that struck a chord with me. One, The Benarasi Taj motif blouse! Vintagy and classic! Instantly transporting you to an old world and I just fell for …

  • Alt my popcorn box

    Sun Shines In The Dark!

    Blacks, not just mine, a favorite and staple color for many, was the color I chose to come back in 🙂 It’s been a while….!! The highs and lows, the ups and downs, the darkness and the brightness, defines a person! There needs to be a certain amount of darkness for the stars to shine… …