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    When Turtleneck Meets Ethnicity!

    This is surely one of my most favorite looks from all the outfit posts I have done for this blog! This is the kind of look that I personally love- Fusion ūüôā For Look 1 with the turtleneck, I chose a kimono jacket and went for all western look. But for the second way to …

  • Alt my popcorn box

    Fusion Weaves Ft. Unnati Silks

    Moving from Nellore to Tirupathi in¬†Andhra Pradesh, we reach¬†Venkatagiri¬†town about 50 Km from it.¬†Venkatagiri Saree¬†is a¬†saree¬†style¬†woven¬†in¬†the very place –¬†Venkatagiri. The weave style is very fine and they use products such as¬†cotton in¬†hank¬†form, silver and gold zari‘s and Naphthol and Vat dyes to make their desirable textiles. We are super fans of Handloom and Handmade and …